OneFigure Beauty has it all figured out

Recently I worked on a fun new project with up-and-coming brand OneFigure Beauty, the man behind the brand, Samuel Levi, more known for his stirring antics on MAFSNZ has been working away to bring an exciting new venture to his following.

With the majority of Sams Instagram being women it was no surprise that we would want to come up with an innovative approach to beauty, the fact he has made it inclusive for his entire following (including the gents) was what really made me excited for this vision to come to life.

Lashes! Lashes, Magnetic lashes!
Not just any magnetic lashes though, these styles have been carefully curated, even the packaging has been meticulously crafted to make life easy and application flawless time after time. The fact that these lashes are designed to be reused multiple times means the fibres are bound and held in a high quality and multi-layered lash line for long-lasting strength but the cruelty-free styles also assist in finishing your polished pout effortlessly. Unlike many magnetic liners I have tried (both personally and professionally) I have found the OneFigure liner to be fine but bold when used. In the past, I have found the likes of others to be clumpy or the brushes to be thick and clumsy in design so yes you might get a good base to apply a lash but you don't get a good sharp liner... kind of defeats the point.

There are 4 styles (ill get to my fave) that are prominent for every occasion.

Poppy, the subtle lash for everyday wear and for girls with naturally long lashes that want a more defined lash line and a bit of volume. Alternatively these are the lashes I see our men who love makeup choosing, mainly for the definition but also for contouring the shape of an eye... often less is more.

Cruella, sitting at the opposite end of the spectrum from poppy and inspired from the most stylish of the Disney villains, they live up to their name with a bold pattern and a harsher baseline. They are the standout for a snatched look and the lash that beauty cult enthusiasts will reach for a pop. These are for the entertainers!

Chloe, Cruellas little classy sister, all the sass of the Cruella but slightly more daytime friendly and more likely to be adaptable to many looks.

Now my fave - REGINA, affectionately named after Regina George (if you don't know what I'm talking about then feel free to unfollow me haha)... We all know a Regina Goerge... She's a standout, a little bit fierce and the perfect mix of all of the above styles... These lashes have been picked up and tried on by me more times than I want to admit!

Now before you think this is just another PR package I have had turn up, I mentioned earlier that I was working on this project and in the most honest way I can, I did the makeup for this entire venture. I got to handle this product and got to truly put the components and styles to the test and I'm beyond impressed. Through the design process, Sam spent a good amount of time asking many professionals and lash enthusiasts (myself included) to ensure this launch would bring innovation and style at a pricepoint that his followers could access without skipping on quality. I'm so excited for everyone to see what I'm talking about!
OneFigure Beauty launches tomorrow with online ordering available immediately.
Shop Follow and tag me in the looks you come up with, I'm looking forward to everyone's thoughts.



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