The feeling is mutual babes ✌🏼

Ok so life update, rip the band-aid off styles.

We are moving to Melbourne! And this couldn't have been more perfect.

So something that I need to let yall know now... I'm either an absolute pro at this 'manifesting good things' shit or... I'm a wizard Harry!! I'm so serious, everything in the last year that I have sat and wished for I have been given in one way or another and quite frankly, a greedy bitch like me could get used to this!

Anywho... one of my wishes for a while now has been for a change, an adventure and for better things to come forward for my main man. In a week when these wishes really felt more like a need rather than a want, Big guys agent gave us a call with what could be deemed as shitty news.
We were given the opportunity to look at other clubs for some big guy love, was I wrong to be motherfucken excited?

The next few weeks that followed can only be likened to riding a roller coaster blindfolded, after a large helping of butter chicken. We had extreme highs and extreme lows as we searched for an option, got options then watched them fall apart. Rinse and repeat and all that jazz.
Ultimately a couple of challenges at this stage was actually that we had to keep it quiet. I hate not telling my friends stuff and all the porkies I tried to tell really weren't at all convincing. When I blurted it out to my mum I think I was near spontaneous combustion, of course, she knew exactly what to say, tasks were set to get me organised and she kept her mouth shut like a champ.
Another challenge we faced was a total lack of confidentiality and a leak to the media that was actually so inaccurate that we started to have fun with the Breakers google alert.

Anyway boring...

We had an option to stay with a club that Alex has spent his whole career at, a club that has given him some special years, great friends and 4 championship rings. This same club has also dished up sleepless nights, many WTF moments and as a whole, we felt it had kinda lost its direction and heart over the last couple of years (opinions are like asshole blah blah).
Is there something in the water?
They have lost a leader, a warrior, a mate and a bunch of people who really lived and breathed the values that we held so dear in our time around the place. The values that once were so prominent in the club but now just remain written on the walls. In love, I raise a glass to that club in their path to rebuild or create a new era and I wish them well.

All great things come to an end and new chapters start so don't cry for me Argentina and nobody puts Baby in the corner haha

I know there has and will be so many things written in the media... Hey, even storytellers need to make a living, but I just wanted to use my tiny corner of the internet to just put out what's what.
We were given the opportunity to bounce, took it and ultimately ended up where the grass is greener and I'm so proud of Al for stepping back, assessing the situation and shooting for a better life.

Melbourne! Thanks for the invite! Thanks for making it easy to choose you and thanks for the warm welcome!

So in the coming months, please send me all your recommendations on cool stuff to see, places to eat and really any direction you might have for us starting our new adventure in one of the coolest cities in the world. I will be documenting our move and the many mistakes I'm bound to make in the process so get ready for a good laugh haha

Looking forward, I'm excited, we are excited and shitballs I'm pretty much already there in spirit.
No hard feelings Breakers but peace out haha (no loyalty haha) and really lots of love to all the fans who have become friends/family and took the time to reach out after reading things in the paper, we aren't just ok... we are over the moon and will miss you lots as you cheer against Alex haha (its ok we get it haha). 
We look forward to meeting new people and seeing what all the fuss is about with the United fans, we look forward to a heightened professionalism that we have already been greeted with from the club/staff and shit we look forward what is hopefully a fifth ring.

Anyway, ill try not to get too into this sports chatter stuff on my blog... snore.

Thanks for all the well wishes, thanks to a select few who gave a shit about me and what this meant for my life too, you are some type of  special MVP or some shit (ILY) x

Ps- He looks so yummy in these pics! Breakers have never made him look this good on a post

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