Five Foot Nothing [Five-foot-nothing]
A term I hear often Informal
An individual of the shorter/smaller variety. Lacking in height. Not tall.
"she's like, five foot nothing..."

This saying originated for me, having every man and his dog commenting on my darling male counterpart and his height. At 7'1" (7'2" for journalists with the wrong facts) it really is inevitable that at 5'2" I probably get lost on that scale. Often i am referred to as five foot nothing. Cool.

A little bit about me...

No self control. But working on it. Happy and loud. Small in stature. Tall in personality. Never wear jeans. Owner of over 200 dresses. Strong Willed. Lover not a fighter. OCD is fine with me. A hot mess getting ready. I live with the man of my dreams. His sport is slowly taking over my life. I'm on first name basis with shop assistants. Not ashamed of it. Still stealing clothes from Mum. Migrated to stealing clothes from my sisters wardrobe too. Chanel makes me melt. Gucci makes me poor. Bags bring too much joy. Born in the Waikato. In a love hate relationship with Auckland and getting to know Melbourne in all her glory. Known to escape to southland NZ. Obsessed with guilty pleasures. Like Nutella. Love highlighter more than people. Love dogs more than highlighter. Soft at heart. Brave in business.

Forever shopping.

This is my personal journal, my personal style, my way of thinking.
This is a collection of things that i have decided must be presented on my corner of the internet.
This is my life through fashion and lifestyle.


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