Toasty Tootsies

Baby, it's cold out!
With the sudden but anticipated drop in temp, I think I have uncovered a problem... I'm obsessed with slippers! who says you can't be stylish at home? 2020 amiright?

So... My top ten round-up of the cutest gosh darn tootsie warming slippers of the year.

1: The Latte Fluffy Stripe
The fluffy duckling of the slipper family, these fluffies are on sale too at just $26.99, I kinda love that they have a strap on the back too, perfect for those morning shuffles to the coffee machine.

2: The Chompers
I love these shark novelty slippers fro Typo, I mean you'll get a laugh out of them and they look somewhat comfy, my experience with a pair of puppy slippers I once had is that due to them being chunky ill ass over in a matter of hours of owning these haha- worth it

3: Basic Bitch Bunny
What kind of slipper round-up operation would I be running if I didn't include a pair of bunnies? Cotton on Body coming in with the cute practical and affordable.

4: NastyGal for the win
I would maybe wear these to the local Woolies
with a hard soul and a cute AF buckle I'm ashamed to say I would almost definitely wear these if I have to duck to the store. sad and true

5: They can't all be fluffy.
These satin slides are good for those who aren't a huge fan of the fluff (We can't be friends but ill do this one for you), they might be a little more appropes for summertime but honestly, it's so cold I can't think that far ahead.

6: Oooh its a UNICORN!
I had to, personally, I wouldn't rock them BUT I appreciate all those who would, they are Topshop and they are only $29.95 babes x

7: Furmoo... you have my attention!
The Hollywood moodles are where it's at when you want to be a bit cosy and a bit fancy. These are both calfskin and sheepskin so vegans beware but also... vegans won't be as warm as anyone wearing these haha

8: Mayberry
May-berry well be the most common slipper of the year... I have a pair, I'm not ashamed of it too.
These are toasty, comfy and don't come up bad on the gram. Pro tip- size up as they are snug

9: Oh Karl
I love me some Karl. These come in black or white and I could buy them both RIGHT NOW

10: Ok and the best for last!
Furmoo is literally showing off at this point...Ambrosia Moodles, they are warm, they make fluffy slippers look sad and they are leaving me searching for an excuse to walk down to my apartment lobby to show off. Expect these in all my stories during this COVID situation.

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So there you have it, I won't say how many of these I own but also just know that I am ashamed!
I made sure these were all in stock before I went and dangles them in front of you so if you didn't notice while browsing... all the pics are linked.

You're Welcome and happy slipper shopping x


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