Minty Meets Mash

Well that was fun! On a little visit back to my home city I was lucky enough to bombard the Hamilton Minty Meets Munt store and dive into the winter 14 collection Northern Lights.

Not the first or last time ill say this... I want it all!

I'm a real sucker for leopard print so this wasn't hard to get excited about

Playing dress ups doesn't just stop at me, Sheree (store Manager) got in on the fun and let me create a few looks... she was nervous but really had no choice.
I'm slightly obsessed with the Artisan floral print, even more so as the print is raised off the fabric, the black and white combo really allowed me to mix it with previous collections, great for all you loyal customers to Minty.

She was a good sport and the Hamilton store is Beautiful, so do stop by if you are in the CBD.
My plan was to escape guilt free but I may have picked up a few things that will no doubt flood my Instagram in the coming weeks.
Seriously... put me away!
So if anything caught your eye, head into the Hamilton store, a store near you, or online.
In the mean time keep a close eye on both the Minty and Mash Instagram accounts as we think it may just be time for a competition.


  1. Congratulations Bailee! It looks amazing! Loving the mixing of patterns! X

  2. Love the styling! Is that the vault sweater in blue or charcol??

    1. Its blue, there is also a Black n white one which actually looks mainly grey anyway though :) a really awesome line of knits this year xx


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