I 🖤 Beautylish

Why are my favourite beauty products always sold out with Sephora? Why?

Don't get me wrong. I love Sephora, I love love Mecca, but now I love love LOVE Beautylish just a little more!

This is all very dramatic but equally accurate so stick with me.

A couple of weeks ago I was playing on the Sephora website and thought that I should stock up on my It Cosmetics CC cream (Long-overdue review to come)... What a shocker- its sold out, IT'S ALWAYS SOLD OUT. 
To rise up from my constant disappointment, I decided to use my brain and finally google to see if I could get my hands on my beloved CC Cream by sidestepping my usual dealer (I legitimately sound like I'm referring to drugs- Dramatic as advertised).

Now let's address the fact that Sephora took the top 3 spots on my search, congrats on strong marketing but get the FFFFoundation out my way babes. Next down on the search was Selfridges.com, although better in price ($49AU instead of $61AU) and clearly in stock, $45 for postage- Please remove yourself from my orbit.
Scrolling through and sitting at no.11 on my google search is Beautylish.com, I mean I have heard of them but I have never actually ordered from them or dealt with them in any way.

So first off, my CC cream was/is in stock so... WINNING. Looking closer I see that it is priced at $38USD which roughly translates to $53AUD, again, this item is cheaper than with Sephora. They have free standard shipping from the US to Australia on orders over $35USD and free express shipping on orders over $75USD so I can kick those fears that ill be waiting for my order forever (Same week bitches).

Purchasing made easy ✔
Pricing ✔

Anywho let's skip to the outcome of dealing with Beautylish. In a standard neurotic timeline.

  • Monday 14th Jan at 10.40pm- Ordered 2 CC creams, the order confirmation came through instantly. I met the criteria for free express shipping with my easy 2 items.
  • Tuesday 15th Jan at 8.40am- I receive an email to say my order has been shipped and I should expect it within 2-3 days (Yeah yeah, we shall see).
  • Tuesday 15th Jan at 10.30am- FedEx sends me confirmation that my order has been picked up.

This is where I start to stalk the entire worldwide postal system until the goods are in my hot little hands. This is no exaggeration, receiving mail is like crack to me.

  • Wednesday 16th 11.40pm- I receive an email, supposedly from the CEO and it talks me through the personalised and happy process they put products through before they arrive on my doorsteps. I'm imagining that this is not actually from the CEO but it's a nice touch and good foot forward into my heart. Cheers Nils x

I take a break from being warmed by CEOs to stalk the Australian postal system again and see that the order is scheduled for a Friday delivery... YASSSS *Clears schedule.

  • Thursday 17th 3.30pm- FedEx drops off my goodness a day early and all my wildest postal dreams come true (SUCK IT New Zealand post for being so useless 9/10 times).
Logistics ✔

Unboxing the package, a couple of things, it's beautifully wrapped and comes with a handwritten card and some personalised touches by the person who packed my order- cute!
The products are wrapped all pretty and they threw in a sample for good measure.

Packing ✔
Presentation ✔
Making me feel happy ✔

All around I'm so impressed! My order took less time to ship than most packages I order within Australia and it came from San Francisco, the personal touches were noticed and appreciated, the items I wanted were in stock and cheaper than my usual supplier. Moving forward ill be checking for brands on Beautylish before the other sites I have been more loyal to.

 I am IM-fucken-PRESSED.

Next up- I'll finally review IT Cosmetics CC Cream and I'm quite keen to give this makeup remover balm a go. Watch this space.


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