Heavenly Ma'fuggin Bodies - 50 thoughts on the Met Gala 2018

The A-Team of the Met Gala.

So really this is one of my favourite days to stalk the internet and truly embrace my inner magpie and fashion/art/culture connoisseur... Jack of all trades but you will learn I'm a master of none.

So here's the skinny in one line.
Met Gala 2018 Theme: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination
So you get the drift.

Now here are some of the memorable moments for me and my colourful thoughts around the whole thing... 50 of them to be exact.

1. Who are you? Can I borrow your dress?

2. Not your braid though... I ain't no Rapunzel 

3. I wonder if this fabric was based on Bad Gal Riris skin.
4. This Bitch just knows her dress is divine... NEXT!

5. Great, it's Emily Perfect Ratajkowski.
6. I need to spell check her name.

7. Ok, how many donuts would I have to say 'no' to for this body?

8. Oh god, she's popped the leg, now we are all officially inferior.
9. It seems gold is a forming trend, church collection trays must be where it's at.
10. Her hair is lacking... I'm grasping at straws.

11. Ok, Kimmy has done it... Gold is defo a theme.
12. I'm always on wig watch with this bitch.

13. Kim "I think I'll just add a cross or two and that will hit the brief"
14. I rolled my eyes are her perfume bottle, I stand so bloody corrected... 
15. BRB, crying into a bowl of carbs.

16. A muppet, a bishop and a lawyer walk into a bar...
17. Is this not the most intimidating group shot ever?
18. So many things to stare at!

19. If 'The devil wears Prada' is anything to go by these people should all be scared.

20. Obviously, this would bring me to Riri... Mother of Met Galas... wearer of art!
21. The pope should be scared of this development.
22. Fuck sitting down in that! Do people sit down at the Met Gala?

23. I wonder if she wears her body oil... also fuck you Sephora for selling out so fast.
24. I feel like the heels aren't extra enough for the outfit.

25. A Knights Tale - RIP Heath Ledger
26. The hair really threw me off the Zendaya trail. I kinda like it.

27. That shit looks kinda heavy.

28. Fucken hell it's Gigi... Is there an ugly Hadid?
29. Is this a butterfly sitch?
30. Why you no stick to a brief?

31. I mean you still look bomb AF but if this was a points system there would be a few deducted from not giving a shit about the theme or being confused... much like I am.

32. Now... a rare sighting of SJP telling everyone to get on her level.
33. I hate this... So much so I won't be showing the front view as its exactly the same.

34. Everyones loving a fucken hat aye?

35. Ok, I usually don't like anyone who wears cat ears and wastes perfectly good baked goods on holidays but this is dreamy.

36. Yass Gal wave to the peasants below you!
37. First time I have ever been nice about her.

38. I want that headband.

39. Her facial expression is basically my resting mood. Good for her. You go Amber.

40. Nope.
41. why?

42. I mean I like ya boots hon... but nope.

43. Firstly I'm always going to be nice about Lily. Thanks for being another woman in the world to leave her eyebrows the fuck alone.

44. Well, I'll be nice about her face because my love is about to stop.
45. Did she get lazy after hair and makeup and just half-ass the dress?

46. Whenever I think of Rita Ora I just remember the time she was so dirty in an interview that she made Dom Harvey speechless. GOLD.

47. Nothing like a big ass train to tell people to back the fuck up and look.

48. Honestly, for a second I thought her bag was a bottle of wine and I instantly had a new found respect for her

49. Kylie those are redonk... I want a pair! STAT!

50. I purposely left out J-Lo for wearing the same this she always does but just adding crosses and Katy Perry for being more extra than she needed to be.

Peace out x

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