No Coachella for me 😒

So while all the cool people were flying to the US for Coachella, I was gearing up for the exact opposite.

Alex (My seven foot favourite) was over with the Tallblacks competing in the Commonwealth Games, he plays basketball for those who are new to the party.

This year the games were held on the Gold Coast, so that made things quite easy to go over and play the part of proud spouse. This also meant that I got to hold onto the warm weather just a tiny bit longer and have a long weekend exploring a city I wouldn't ordinarily visit.

Here's a wee vid I threw together with an iPhone and a sleepless night to give you an idea of how I managed to swear my way through the games and how I survived a full weekend of sports. #PrayforBailee

I'm so crazy proud of Alex (and the other goons) but I am so glad that this part of the Tallblacks is behind us. Spare a thought for the families who give up time with their loved ones so those individuals can run off to represent their country, the support staff and even staff who keep things running smoothly and really anyone who gives anything more than 5 minutes to the cause so that you can watch these athletes do what they do best.
I plan on being quite selfish with Alex's down time in the near future so good luck to anyone looking to challenge that haha.

Again. PROUD. And exhausted haha

Ily gang and soz for all the F bombs (not that sorry).

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