Boyfriends are great but have you tried bread?

So I'm over on the Gold Coast pretending Auckland and the rest of New Zealand isn't being invaded by white walkers. Winter is coming, and she's coming in hot, or should I say cold?

For all you people freezing your sweet nips off, I have a pre-winter winter-warmer for you.
BREAD *Insert angels singing here*

This recipe is one from my childhood, my mama bear used to make it at least once a week and then just stopped... For over 20 years. Last week I was sitting minding my own business when this bread popped into my mind and I knew I had to try it, one problem... Mum couldn't remember the recipe.

So a small insight into this: It turns out mum actually used to make this bread as we literally were so hard up for cash that we couldn't afford bread (Just goes to show what you are oblivious to as a kid), then we managed to get to a point to at least afford a loaf and mum stopped making it.

Second problem... When she did find a tiny piece of paper in an old cookbook, packed away, the measurements were really old and really quite shit.

I took the recipe and embarked on bread making.

Round one: It was a shit show, it came out so dry and hard that I'm thinking of giving that recipe to golden homes to make their bricks.

Round two: Perfection, but I'm a baboon and forgot to write it down.

Round three: I'm basically a goddess, this is what my gift is to you.

This is actually really easy so I'm quite ashamed that this wasn't a first-time-nailed-it situation.
So ill shut up and give you the goods...

You're welcome in advance and condolences to your thighs xx

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