Get it baby gal, you got this.

Wow, what a month it has been.
I had a small rant on Instagram the other week, stating my disappointment in some of my fellow women, or at least how we treat each other.

This is no holier than thou post (because ew yuck) but I saw a handful of women go out of their way to take other women down and it's gross. We have just celebrated International Women's Day! So come on ladies, step up a level! Hold a sister up and congratulate each other on being strong, awesome and talented women.

I'm writing this post as I want it all cemented here to remind me that us ladies are far better women than we sometimes act.

So anyway I'm not going to bore you with what we are all old enough to know and live by.

While sitting, getting bitter and twisted over how dumb we can be at times I decided to do the exact opposite to what I was complaining about and jump on a bit of an Instagram bandwagon and create some templates for our stories.
These templates are made to highlight fellow ladies for great work, traits, talents, skills and even just genuinely being each others favourites.

I will be adding to the below templates in the coming weeks but if you have any ideas for more, don't hesitate to flick me a message with requests.

Really I just want to see us all giving each other some love.


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