5 Easter treats if you're a little bit EGGstra

Ok, so this post is going to truly outline just how little self-control I have with food and treats.With Easter in full swing, I thought I would share five indulgent easter treats I sinfully smash back each year on the one weekend it's acceptable.

So get your eating pants on and get ready for a sugar headache or two.

Scrambled S'mores
I'm starting you off light here, but this one is an easy fix.
Toast a marshmallow egg over a flame (Like you would a marshmallow when making s'mores) then slam it in between two Superwines slathered with Nutella. The Nutella is to make it stick (And to push your sugar limit through the roof).
For us Kiwis and Australians, it's still warm out so a BBQ works perfect or if you're lazy and lacking fire you can always build it in advance and pop it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.

The Bunny Boiler
Coffee, chocolate and a whole lot of melting.This is a trick I picked up from a few cafes that were serving coffee into a halved easter egg sitting in a mug, that's boring when you can bite the top off your easter bunny, and watch it buckle under the pressure of a piping hot pour. So this one is easy... bite the top of your bunny ears off and stand that bad boy in a mug, place it under your Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and let the machine do its thing. If you are going old school instant coffee you add the coffee, sugar, and milk around the outside of the bunny and pour the hot liquid straight into the top.
Honestly, it's just so satisfying watching that bunny transform into the most delicious hot drink ever. RIP Bunny.

Chocolate Burgers
Perfectly halve an easter egg and pack each half with brownie then level them out, these are your buns. On your bottom bun you will stack ice-cream, sprinkles, berry sauce/or coulee and whipped cream, pop the other "bun" on top and you have yourself an easter burger.
Pro tip- To halve a hollow egg perfectly, heat a large sharp knife under hot water and gently press the blade to cut it with little pressure.

Creme Egg Pasties
Do you have the sugar shakes yet?
Anyway, take any egg or filled-center chocolate treat, the Cadbury creme egg is a real hero for this, wrap it in pastry (sweet) and fold like a pastie. Bake until golden brown then dust with powdered sugar (because you obviously need more) and serve with ice-cream.

Boozy Choc Shot
Ok, so this little beauty requires patience, planning and and endurance for the long game.
Grab 3-4 of your favourite candy bars (Mars and Moro are my fave) chop them up nice and small. Then get a trusty bottle of vodka and add the candy bits to the bottle, close it up and let it sit, dissolve and become nothing short of a sweet boozy miracle. after a week or two, the candy will have liquified, give it a shake and drink on ice.
For a fancy pants touch, rim a martini glass with marshmallow fluff and crushed cookies.
Tell your liver I say "Hi" :)


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