Straight shooting

So its been a couple of weeks and i have been stupid busy!

Recently i have found myself doing allot more makeup, on location shoots and allot less... of well anything.

Most ask me how things actually work on a job like this, makeup isn't always glam, it doesn't always toss you the most faboo hours... but what i find it does do... is introduces me to some awesome people, it allows me to work and play with those i enjoy and its a real creative outlet.

I thought i would share a recent job i got to do with my good friend Erin.
Erin Simpson, first known for her work in Kids and after school television has now migrated her way onto the big kids screen! with her work with Sky Sport and her brand new project on the show Kiwi Living (7.30pm Fridays on Channel 1- take a gawk).

With all this excitement came a whole lot of press! some of which i got to be a part of thankfully.
Worried about asking a friend to sacrifice herself to an early morning and a cold venue Erin was reserved in asking but little did she know this was one of the easier gigs i find myself dabbling in.

Anyway... Look at that face!

So to wrap it up, how luck am i to work with this lady? Tall, beautiful and talented, she's a tough act to follow but an easy one to present all shiny with a bow on!

AND thats what i have been up to!


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