All them feels

So this week I went through a range of emotions, almost every six months (like clock work) I get into a bit of a cleaning buzz, my better half calls it organising my madness.

This is a house wide event but getting to my wardrobe I realised this was the real heavy duty job, after 2 days of single handedly finding every single item of the clothing... I began the emotional "push pull" process of saying goodbye to a once loved fave outfit and clenching the garments I would throw myself into flames for.

Once I got my head around a few questions I needed ask Myself to make the donate or keep decision, things moved along nice and quick, I asked myself 3 things...

1- Did I beg/steal/borrow for this? You know what I mean, the items you see and just have to have then wear for a week straight hoping nobody will run into you 2 days in a row and reveal just how "into" that shirt you really are. The ones you decide to eat 2min noodles for a week if it means you get it now!!! I stalk some of my pieces for a good couple of weeks before I lure them into my life.

2- Can I think of 3 outfits this item can be a part of? And if you want to get really creative... WHERE are you going to wear this... be honest! My busy little mind plays tricks on me to try and hold onto clothes I really don't need or even want.

And lastly...

3- Does this make me happy? I know this sounds stupid, but I recently read something really similar in another blog so now that I know there is at least 2 people who think like me then clearly I'm onto something. But really... does this dress/sweater/Pair of jeans serve a positive purpose in your wardrobe? Does it make you feel good when you put it on, and can you honestly say you wouldn't be a little sad if that pair of jeans walked out of your life forever without even so much as a goodbye?

Anyway... after completing the look good feel good survey for each and every one of my fabric children, this was the end result....
Ok so now we all know I have issues... i'll get to the point...

Im not entirely proud of what could be deemed as wasteful and I do like to think my fashion lifestyle has a bit of a consequence...  so thats why I'm so headstrong on donating almost every single garment (always remember this is within reason- there is now way you want to donate a a threadbare sock or anything)... I have 3 go to's for donating. consiqunce  

Dress for Success what an amazing organisation! All about empowering women to empower themselves, creating strong confident women and crafting them in careers, so work clothes and corporate things are always in the pile to go to these guys.

Salvation Army really there is nothing that needs to be said, dedicated to helping others.


Red Cross, now apart from the obvious that they do for the community and the fact that they have have stores all over the place so they are easy to find, they have one big selling point in my eyes.
Red cross have teamed up with Country Road for quite the bargain and feel good deal. Like me, country road can't bear to have their clothes end up in a landfills... actually it's heart breaking. SOOOOO for every preloved Country Road item you donate you will be given a $10 voucher to go towards your next Purchase of $50 or more, also if you do this before the 20th July 2015 you will go into the draw to win a $500 gift card for Country Road. This is awesome and such great stand taken by the label. 

So naturally this time round I opted for Red Cross out of principle, but they ran out of room when I was dropping things off,  so I ended up having to go across the road to Salvation Army as well. First world problems huh?


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