The awkward season

Gah! so much as i love the change of seasons and all the glorious weather patterns it brings... the beautiful plants, leaves and flowers doing their thaaaang... I actually loath how my wardrobe takes the hit!

Its taken me somewhat 27 years of a battle in my wardrobe to walk out of my house without looking confused in these "can't make its mind up" seasons.
For spring its breaking out the summer clothes without freezing (forever the eager beaver when it comes to sun) and for autumn its about presenting yourself and your winter woolies without cooking... or in my case, kissing my summer looks goodbye gracefully.

What i have learnt is embrace what you want to wear but make it weather appropriate (not always easy in NZ). A great way to is to warm up your summer faves!

The playsuit and summer dress.... don't say goodbye to those little gems just yet.
ditch the flip flops and popsicle for an extra layer and some boots.

Im lusting over the knits at Country Road at the moment (a small mention of getting an A+ for fair trading and where the clothes come from too, ILY CR)


Or for those lovely ladies who are looking faboo on a budget, why not steal the style with this Glassons "front pocket lounge cardi"

well its nice to know I'm on the same page as others, judging by the picture above I'm not the only one crazy enough to pair all the above together... lets keep those pins out as long as we possibly can!

Time to Cardi up!


ps- I'm loving greys this season


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