Somebody save my legs!

Ok so this time next week i would have explored New York and will be on my way to beautiful San Fransico!!!!!

So with that excitement came a certain sadness that I've let my skin go!

Winter as it approaches can be as hard on your skin as a kiwi summer, only your legs are still white haha (double edged sword).

Here is my guide to some decent #WinterPins

Firstly i feel like i need to warn y'all... these bad boys in the beginning were white! and needed a razor... and a good descale haha

Exhibit A is dry, tired and rather white from possibly the most boring summer i have ever inflicted on myself... no sun, no play, no beach and no fun... ill be honest... my poor taller half was a real trooper not to complain haha

I feel like i just got so used to them being like that, that i just didn't notice until i realised i was going somewhere cooler than home and i would have to whip ma legs out for another zip code.

The the fact I'm on my way to Hawaii really did a number on me... the vision of a glow in the dark, part Maori (actually something i didn't manage to steal much colour from haha) lying on a hawaiian beach looking like she had come from years locked in a dungeon (half true since work resembled that description almost perfectly). It was time to get this show on the road!

Thanks to Natural Things i got my hands on a few of the Eco Tan Products. These have been my go to for a year or two now but it was time to branch out a little further and try the rest of the beauties they now have.

So first off i created the perfect canvas to redemption, with the Eco Tans Extreme Exfoliant Glove and the Eco Tan Himalayan Salt Scrub... i had never actually used these products before so the thought of rubbing salt on my body seemed like it was gonna irritate my skin more so than anything else.

Lucky for you lot- when reviewing a product all senses and judgement get ignored haha.
So lets be fair... salt doesn't seem so bad considering my man has walked in on me in the bathroom as i lather myself in coffee from head to toe and expect him to act like I'm not a jungle creature! i have lathered bee venom on my face and once paid a day spa to cover me from head to toe in yogurt and honey like a human fruit salad... so yeah... salt isn't the stupidest thing i have rolled myself in haha

It paid off... the salt wasn't scratchy and the glove kept me from making the biggest mess of my life, this stuff also smells delish and didn't make a giant mess of my bathroom and shower like coffee did.

I thought i would post a pic of what my legs looked like when i got out the shower after i did the routine, i did shave my legs (honestly its was looking like the MissMash National Forest) and i also took the glove into the shower with me to continue to buff my skin, no half hearted attempts in this household.

I will probably use this once a week/a fortnight to keep it up, its takes 2 mins tops (pre shower) and actually gave my pins a good glow (keep in mind my legs basically glow in the dark).

Tip- for those of you who like to keep their men in tip top shape, tell them you are gonna give them a back scratch and get your scrub and glove (lay a towel down or you will hate yourself for caring) and give him a pamper too, it was excellent for me getting rid of all the yuckies on my taller half, his skin isn't always the greatest and with the buzz of being an athlete it doesn't always help with all the sweat and gross stuff guys just are inclined to grow haha. ew... anyway it was amazing and i look like I'm a loving lady. Sucker

Ok so super duper important, after exfoliation i recommend leaving it 24-48 hours before you lather yourself and get savage haha! this is also written on all the tanning products that EcoTan have to offer and its actually gospel, the tan last longer and sits perfectly when you do as yours told... take it from a rebel who has dedicated her life to bending rules... this is the instance that you just do it the way they say... its a premium product so why work against it? blah blah other things you need to keep in mind i go easy on the elbows and knees etc, be careful with the hands and feet too (toes and wrists especially or you risk what i call BBQ saucing- next time you tuck into some ribs you will catch my drift)

I used the Eco Tan Winter Skin once a day for about a week

Results now speak for themselves...
Day 1, 2 and 3... mild improvements day by day (and i did try to use the same time of day and part of my skin for the same lighting etc)

but day 4, 5 and 6 is where i am really impressed! none of these images have been touched at all, no filters blah bah blah

A few minor points.
  • This stuff doesn't smell gross, actually its the same deal as the invisible tan and i have had comments that i smell like biscuits (quit ok by me)
  • This stuff doesn't stain your sheets or clothes
  • It actually moisturises your skin
  • The exfoliant has now reached a week after use and I'm still on silky glow.
All of the listed products above can be bought from the Natural Things website, you'll also find a few other natural gems on there like my faves Pana chocolate, Hurraw and Metta.

Personally i like Winter Skin more than the Invisible tan but each to their own, i like to work the colour up rather then all in one hit, I'm also naughty and used it on my face, I'm great like that haha

This stuffs coming on holiday with me.



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