Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm is right… i have an intense fear of flying (RIP my sanity after a 9.5 hour flight then another 9)

Carry on
The contents of a carry on for me always stays the same whether its 18 hours or 18 minutes on a flight, sad and true but my “what if" instinct kicks in and Alex has to hold me back when i go into a desperate house wives version of survival mode.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
Anyone else find the water disappearing out their bodies as soon as they step into the cabin? i spend half my time hydrating the crap out of my life!
Lips: Hurraw lip balms… shut the front door… these lip balms are to die for! Once again you can get you hands on the range at Natural things.
Hands/nails/ skin in general as I’m getting despo by the 4th hour:
my life: 1Above the flight drink… supposedly helps with hydration and jet lag… not bad at all… and i feel like i didn’t get up to go to the bathroom as much as these commoners drinking water…. blah blah just kidding.

Comfy clothes to change your worst for wear body into at the other end… don’t act all high and mighty and say you don’t need it… you have been bathing in 100+ strangers germs as it you sit in your seat that has someone back sweat on it waiting for you to snuggle into. Since I’m heading from NZ winter to a Hawaiian stopover i have chosen my Harlow Rose “Badgals” T-shirt, my denim shorts from fifth the label and my sweet new platform slip-on flats from Spurr (on sale on iconic for $15 or something ridico now)

Side note- hating on the guy behind me… asks me to put my seat up a smidgen… its not even down… i will want to sleep eventually on a night flight... GO AWAY… please thank you MAHALO.


Snacks… true to thy fatty pants self i always need snacks… or just one.
Plane food I’m fairly confident comes from the hospital rejects pile at times so always good to be prepped for a gourmet monstrosity.

Light reading
You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself in and the books you read.
So #GIRLBOSS is a bit of a lightweight but its always a good one for me to revisit… i have plans… big ones… that involve heels.

Cash and stash
The inner geek thats clawing to get out tells me BE PREPARED… so naturally i bought one of those oversized passport and everything holders to organise myself, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of cash for your destination ready to go incase ubers empire crumbles and i have to pay for a cab with cash again (lets us all pray this never happens)

Revive and glow
Since i like to lie to everyone waiting in arrivals i cart with me two fail proof Benefit products, Girl meets Pearl and sun beam, i use the tiniest amount of each where the light would naturally hit my face… it revives my face, makeup and look in about 30 seconds.. install alert and fresh faced… as i said- its a total lie but whatever.

Finally… club68… the newest crazy club in auckland and ill be taking them on my US adventure… follow them on insta @_club68 for the latest and greatest.

anyway… i need sleep

Peace out lovers


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