The Lovely Bones

Ain't no Oldy Goldy Part 3/7

3-Contour Contour Contour: Please shut up! Contouring is awesome, so is butter... that doesn't mean i take the whole block out and devour it in one sitting! Contouring i think requires the same type of moderation. 
Some cheekbones here and a finer nose there... but please don't think you need to reconstruct your entire face with an 20 shade palette and a craft knife (not to say i wouldn't be moderately impressed!).

The art of contour can yes highlight bone structure but can also bring forth features that need to be softened, also the use of it in harsh daylight can give you the camo effect and also can age you in a very harsh way.YOU ARE NOT A KARDASHIAN (i could only dream haha).

The goal is to find where the light falls on your natural face (gasp) and where you need it to fall and work with that. Choose a few areas... i know its easy to run with what you think is a good thing at the time but even the best of us can come out looking like a tiger... the harder the face and the more shadows i'm sorry to say, can more often than not just make us look old and like the face has sunken in.

and BLEND... please blend!? on slip up in the blending department and your amazing bone structure has now been stamped a sham!

For a soft and very convincing contour i have stayed away from the creme palettes and just picked up the easy Hoola Bronzer from Benefit, at the risk of sounding like a thin lizzy commercial, its actually so good for so many things!
Bronzer, contour, blush... my personal fave is a good eyeshadow, the matte finish means your shadows don't light up but they also don't create a crater in you facial structure.

I apologies in advance... writing this series i'm realising how many Benefit products i rely on.

Heres a chart from Smashbox with basic contouring that ill leave you with for contouring placement:)... give it a crack... and as i said before... A GOOD BLEND.

Don't go too nuts :)



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