There's a Fine Line

Ain't no Oldy Goldy Part 7/7

Lip line and fancy free: Hands up who loves a good lip colour! Who hates it bleeding? hands up who hates trying to find the flawless matching liner! 
Your lip liner can be unforgiving on you age... let it slip or neglect and you can add or subtract a few years eeeeeeeek!

Well lets all just be Kylie and call it a day huh?

Let me firstly address the fact that in order to not miserably fail "lips" or said application of your fake lips (for those of you that were born with a modest pout)... Hydrate! in and out!
Those dry, rough kissers need some love! It's all very well lathering up with Paw Paw (gosh i love Paw paw) but really try drenching your insides as well! Those dry lips are often a good tell tale sign that you need a beverage or two!

Once you have that sorted its really selecting the shade that makes heads turn... I love a good nude and a good Orange/Red but it really all depends on the diva! One shade i haven't seen look good on anyone is the matte finish light nude... You know the nude thats so light you look dead or like you have passed up a storm with your pressed powder... please keep it looking like there is blood flow in your face.

But the main thing i need to address... The Liner, its vital but also a touch and go, its easy to explain but even better to show you the offending technique.

mmmmmmmm GURRRRL!

Ok maybe this is a little extreme and a bit funny. 

My point is, the liner should flow with the lip colour!
Here's an idea, either get the Liner that matches the stick or do my personal fave... fill the whole lip in with the Liner (awesome for those of you that love a good matte finish).

I know this is actually a no brainer but so is allot of the things i have pointed out in frustration.

Be kind to the natural shape of your lips when getting liner happy, honestly one line can take you from perfect pout to Donatella Versace.

Tip- for  the illusion of a plumper pout, apply highlighter to the crease above the top lip and a touch of gloss to the bottom lip... it creates a rounder fuller look with very little effort or skill.



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