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Ain't no Oldy Goldy- Part2/7

2-Neglecting the prime: I used to hate primer! it was "too heavy", "too oily"... blah blah blah "Made me look like a cake face"... guess what? if thats the case then you are 100% barking up the wrong product! The right primer should make your makeup feel the opposite, it should also make that product last the distance of your offices dumb air con or a first date nervous glow!
Im high maintenance when it come to my primers so a mix a few things together so i achieve everything my heart desires... in fact some days i just wear my primer potion and nothing else!

The yummy skin primer recipe

1 squeeze   Benefit Porefessional
1 twist        Benefit Girl meets pearl

Mix all together and apply (You can thank me later for that recipe)

Tip- mix it in the palm of your hand... any left overs you have then rub in like a hand cream... keep those paws in good order!

The combo of these three products has honestly changed my whole look, and i use this both for everyday and event makeup, it leave my skin looking hydrated (not greasy, there is a difference haha), dewy and fresh... and it lasts all day!



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