Cakeface and Workin it

Ain't no Oldy Goldy Part 4/7

4-Lather baby Lather: Foundation... less is more! What if i told you that you could use less product and get a better finish?


I lived by my foundation brush to carefully paint over my entire life and rebuild my whole face at one point... i have since asked myself.... what exactly am i hiding? Instead of the lather and fill technique i set myself the goal of using half the amount of foundation I usually would but a different application
once again...


Applying the foundation around the brows and eyes with an angled foundy brush then dotting the rest of your face with the remaining foundation, try to lightly blend and buffer with a stippling brush... trust me the finish is smoother and coverage is still there in the most flattering of ways.
woohoo for saving product...

Look maybe its seems a little tight ass trudy but I do have a point, as much as I love a good cakeface every now and then, the less you wear and can get away with the better your skin looks and the younger you appear, lets now emphasise the lines and turn them into craters, let that beautiful face breath.

It took me a few weeks to adjust, but the improvement on my skin is amazing, the extra 15 minutes sleep i get every work morning, the breath of fresh air my skin soaks in and the gentler scrub i have at the end of each day to get that muck off my mugg..... oh the upsides are endless.... its mainly the sleep to be honest.

Give it a go!
This was also a great excuse to slot some Clueless in my blog also haha



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