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I think i have been stuck in a rut of makeup fads... some work beautifully... some i think only look great under amazing lighting and on the face of an angel. Don't get me wrong, as a makeup artist and love any opportunity to play with new techniques and tricks but i have been pin pointing a few things i need to leave in the magazines and off my face.

With that in mind... over the next week or so i will be bringing you...

7  Makeup rules we are breaking... That Age us.
Ain't no Oldy Goldy- Part1/7

Honestly i have been obsessed with the privilege of ageing, i'm very aware i don't look old... or even my age but it would be silly to ignore the looming obvious haha

so to kick things off...

1- The lazy prep: Don't for one minute think that a good fresh look starts with your foundation... or even your primer... it starts with your skin and the skins surface. Im notorious for face wipes... thats why i deserve to be exiled to bad skin island!
Giving that skin a good, gentle (emphasis on the word gentle) buffer will remove that top layer of dead cells, its an instant revive but also lessens the chances of makeup falling into fine lines that may be forming.
I have been using Simple skincare, it doesn't test on animals and doesn't burn my sensitive skin to a crisp on application... WIN WIN

Tip-they also make some awesome face wipes but save them for crazy lazy days and pretend like i didn't just tell you that.

So yeah, it sounds like a no brainer but wash your face! you only get one so you may as well look after it and create a nice clean and easy to work with canvas.

Happy scrubbing:)



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