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Ain't no Oldy Goldy Part 5/7

5-Brow bliss: Honestly... growing up, i never thought that my thick, bushy, 'Brooke Shields' eyebrows would become so darn important! Oh but look at me now! 

My mother grounded me the first time i took to my eyebrows with tweezers and a keen heart! She told me over plucking is the worst thing i could ever do to them and if she catches me doing it again i wasn't allowed to shave my legs for a month. Scared me right out of doing anything with them... she did the same with my sister- to this day we thank her for saving our faces... and i slightly curse her for my school photos.

Brows are a very defining part of your face yes (i don't think i actually need to tell anyone this after everyone suddenly went a bit loco over what's a bit of a no brainer)... but those power brows on the wrong face or even a blonde, can be fatal...unless you are Rita ora then power to ya sister!

Never neglect them... but chill on the "Hulk smash out" on your face with that black brow pencil, try a shade down from your natural colour if you are starting out as you'll quickly notice that they can dominate your whole canvas. Also don't try and draw on *insert celebs name*s brows either... unless you have that exact bone structure you are going to look a bit alien.
Anyway my point is... those heavy.. yet very impressively groomed eyebrows can age you and box your face in... so tread lightly.

Don't be afraid of a little bit of a fluffy up either... if they sit a little unruly (this doest mean they should curl or stray out like the accessory to a wandering eye) just fly with it, slicking your face down with brow wax shouldn't be the highlight of your day.

As bias as this whole series is becoming, this isn't a product placement when i say BENEFIT (i think angels just started singing) have got brow products down...
Been there done that bought the t-shirt! I own every single brow product they have and use every single one  in a somewhat religious manner, my winner-takes-all would have to be the Gimme Brow... i also have hairs for it to stick to though so for those that don't have a generous brow maybe try the close-second Brow Zings.
TIP- go a lighter shade in the Brow Zings if you aren't ready for them to take over you face, i'm naturally dark and go for the lighter shade every time, the darker shade sits in the back of my kit for if or when i want to scare children and stray doggies.

And just to show i take my own and advise and it doesn't scare dogs... Here is a picture of my arch angels and my darling griffon pup Boris.



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