White on White on White

White on white and doin it right.
My tips to a white out.

Choose your look.
Is this casual? dressy? sporty? are you Blair or Serena at a gossip girl Hamptons white party? haha
choose it, run with it and stick to it.
Permission to get mixing
Mixing whites can be effective and can also come off looking like one garment needs a good soak... so tread lightly... mixing with off white tones or even powdered colours can be so beautiful, soft and add a twist to your whiteout (some would say its cheating but those people are annoying haha)

Don't be dumb
If you choose to go with something tight be aware of the fact Underwear may need to either be super unsexy or be left at home... its ok... just remember to be a lady.

Don't be dumb 2.0
Once again if you choose whitey and tighty... be kind on your figure... even the skinny mafia can bust out a roll or two and white is unforgiving... so get that fit right or ditch it.

Boring Plain Jane... be gone
Texture, patterns, embossing and different fabrics can be your saving grace, I love seeing different finishes and textures in an all white ensemble, it creates depth and when done right it draws the eye to you best features or even better.... it draws your eye away from the things we maybe don't want seen.

Sweat the small stuff
Remember that an outfit includes the little details... what accessories you choose are going to most likely stand out since your outfit is basically a crisp white canvas... choose wisely and commit to it.... my personal fav is chunky gold and a large onyx ring or my matching emerald... OBSESSED

Don't be afraid to knit pick
Wanna dress up a casual white knit... do so with the white out.... don't forget the heels (I say this daily though so do what you will with this tip).

Stay out the rain
I almost called this don't be dumbERRRRRRR... its pretty self explanatory. There are two types of people... the type that look hot in the rain and in a wet white tee.... and the rest of us look like a wet dog, so don't add the embarrassment of sheer and ruining a perfectly beautiful garment.

If all else fails.... be Kim K


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