Tart-In Plaid

Its not exactly new but it feels like Plaid, Tartan and even the odd designer Swanndri have hit us hard... my Instagram news feed has exploded... and I like it!
Maurie and Eve are probably the biggest and best offenders off the top of my head, they just did it so right, for these colder months they have perfected a mix of both cosy yet stylish.

I'm guilty of jumping for a bit of this also... I managed to get my hands on the Finders Keepers- Bachelor long sleeve shirt in tartan, however I do wish I thought ahead as now although it looks great- its thin and I freeze (small price to pay haha).
Now I did have a few people comment to me that at times as much as they would love to throw their entire bank account and bank manager at a certain designer... they often just have other things they need to direct their funds to... like food... and rent (fair call... I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed).
So shop the look at a slightly better price.... don't worry I did some homework for you...

These two darlings are from Peppermayo!
The Bandit Crop Sweater  is under $50 and the With Love Knit under $70 so really there is no need to sweat it.
But please don't ever wear those shorts... they look like nappies.Thanks.
Totally Sweet McDeal.


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