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As the seasons change, so does our hair... I always run around saying I want to chop the mop and then I freak out and remember I'm just not ever quite ready to haha

In saying that, I never skip the chance to talk locks and weaves with a good friend of mine, Hannah.

Hannah is based and nestled in the gorg salon Fabrik located in  Hamilton's CBD, she's smart with her work but keeps it fun, and to add... looks after some of the best blondes I know.

So when we caught up earlier I picked her brain... here are Hannah's picks and tips for the cooler months.
Rich colours, Rich colours and did I mention Rich colours?
Copper tones and Reds are good way to brighten up an old faded brown or blonde, It can liven up a style as well as its a great element to your look when we get stuck in those dark winter clothes.

For the shorter styles...
Soft waves! Everyone is doing the whole "Lob" thing (long bob), why not warm it up with a copper/red tone as mentioned earlier and add a wave to the lob, stand out from the rest!

For the longer locks...
Too scared to get scissor happy? try adding a fringe to "change your style" (every girl with the daring short cut will be roller her eyes right now haha) but its such a cheat way to change it up without losing length, also rich cool tones can add so much glossy shine to some otherwise dull lengths.
And lastly, want it out the way? Try a Top knot. Its such a good way to style your hair, get it off your face. wind-proof it and achieve the "messy but groomed" look.

I personally have become a fan of the top knot... mainly because I'm lazy haha
If you wanna stalk any more of Hannah's picks or her work check her out on the Fabrik website or on her Facebook page.
A side note that I love- Fabrik (and Hannah) work completely Ammonia, Resorcinol and PPD free. Which is great for those of you determined to keep away from harsh Chemicals without compromising on the actual result.

All images sourced from O&M ... also amazing.

Peace out


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