Winter Whitey

Tanning has always been such a strong force in my household, growing up with my beautician mother it means we had a sunbed and spray tanning booth IN OUR HOUSE, the women in our family have never been a pale shade, but now that I live with the man... we have ESPN and protein shakes instead- both leave me less than impressed and no way near as sunkissed as I feel I should be.

I have a few ways I go about resurrecting my complexion from the dead.
Im guilty of tanning beds but to be fair in the last few years my fear of the sun and UV rays is a serious one, lets just say the only leather I want in my life is in the form of a Deadly Ponies and not my deadly sexy body! I also dabble in the spray tan and for events its great but hate the wait until I can wash the excess off ALSO I keep my Tanning girl on good terms as she's seen more of my semi naked body than anyone should have to... poor girl.

My guilty pleasure and saviour now has to be my EcoTan, I use the Invisible tan and I'm about to go buy the Winter skin and try that on for size (ill let you how I get on later). This brand by now is no secret but I cant rave enough. Its Organic, has no nasty things waiting to sink into my skin, its affordable and doesn't come out orange, but the best part for me is that it doesn't smell yucky, Actually the boyfriend said "you smell so good! that stuff smells like cookies".... I suppose that's a good tick of approval from the opposite sex haha

I have a few bible moves I use with any tanning product that I do feel compelled to share...

-Exfoliate: Well duh! but try exfoliating gently a few times over a few days prior. I hear of so many girls scrubbing down to the bone the day of tanning... give your skin a break... do it gently... it will pay off in the long run.

-Think about your surroundings: Stand on a towel, sit on a towel, did I mention a towel? if you drop any you had better hope its not coming in contact with anything you cant throw in the washing machine. I once had a friend move out of her house and move her furniture to find 3 years worth of tanning changed the colour of her carpet....not so fab... funny... but not fab.

-Elbows and Knees: Another duh! But something that's overlooked too much... if in doubt just wipe your knees elbows and ANKLES (always overlooked) with an old towel.
Trust me- when you forget this... ITS NOTICEABLE and it looks like your joints have been dipped in BBQ sauce.

-Two is better than one: Two applications!!! If you missed a spot that second application usually has you covered... if you miss a spot twice then go get a spray tan and save yourself from yourself. Also remember to dry your first application before the second- unless you like that tie dye effect.
-Hands: Wash them... scrub under your nails and try no to splash your body (I'm saying this as I do it every time then freak out that ill have a water mark.... I never do but just saying)... if you forget to do this.... that BBQ sauce effect will come back to haunt you.

-Hairdryers are your friend: go over your masterpiece with a hairdryer, most tanning products are heat activated... drying your tan and heating it at the same time is like multitasking, its faster so you can put your clothes on and it also starts the process faster... and its warm haha

I feel like this whole post is common sense however common sense is usually what's missing when we pick up a bottle of something to COLOUR OUR SKIN.
So those are my tips and love love loves for winter... I really have no excuse to be glow in the dark white now that I've harped on the way I have...
but good luck, happy tanning and please... no BBQ sauce


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